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From September 2015, the Government has made significant changes in the way that children in schools are to be assessed. This is to tie in with the New National Curriculum that was introduced in 2014.

From September 2015, at Roundwood, we have implemented a system called Target Tracker, which is used in over 1 in 5 primary sector schools in England. Target Tracker has been developed to ensure that the useful elements of the outgoing levels system are retained; ensuring data from school to pupil level is presented and recorded with clarity and consistency.

During the autumn term 2015 the staff have been receiving training on Target Tracker and are using their staff meeting time to work together to successfully plot children accurately onto the program in terms of their academic achievement. By moderating together, the staff can ensure the children are plotted accurately. During this time of becoming familiar with Target Tracker we have continued to use levels so we can monitor the children’s progress as we have done previously.

From January 2016 we will be moving away from levels and using just Target Tracker to assess children’s attainment and progress.