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Friends of Roundwood School Association

Welcome to the FRSA


The FRSA is a group of parents who give up their time and energy to help raise funds for Roundwood school.  Over the last few years the money raised has been used to purchase 350 new books for the school library, buy some fantastic resources for the outside learning area at Tingewick and to subsidise many trips for the children.

This year the money being raised is going towards buying a new school minibus. As you'll be aware the minibus is used frequently by the children. The minibus is used regularly for school trips, for example by Foundation Stage and KS1 when they went to Waddesdon Manor. It is also used to transport the children to sporting events and to take the children to the farm. Some of these visits would not be possible without the minibus.

We meet on a regular basis and talk about new fundraising ideas and to organise events such as film nights, a quiz night and summer fete. To keep everyone up to date the FRSA issue a newsletter each half term.

We appreciate that many of you would like to help but are unable to attend the meetings. If this is the case please let us know and we can contact you directly with ideas of how you could help. To get in touch you can send an email to or contact your FRSA class representative.


Maria Malick         - Foundation Stage

Deb Pearce          - Year 1

Caroline Eynon     - Year 2

Heidi Turnock       - Year 3
Suzie Walton        - Year 4
Karen Seaton       - Year 5
Samantha Judge  - Year 6

Many Thanks for your continued support.


Laura Alexander (FRSA Chair)