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Manor Adventure

Monday 30th October


All the children and staff have arrived safely at Manor Adventure. They have had their welcome tour and about to start their first activity.
The children and staff had a excellent sleep nobody up in the night! Climbing, archery and maze blind trail today and still no rain!

Tuesday 31st October

We've had an amazing first day! Covered in mud on the obstacle course, scared to death in the underground maze, super teamwork on the blind trail and off to test who's the best Robin Hood in archery!
Jess has had a wonderful birthday and her friends have decorated her room ready for her party tonight during free time. Cake all round.

Hopefully soon to bed tonight - early lights out - we're shattered!

Mrs Hall

Wednesday 1st November

The children all slept well with the first group up at 7.15am! The plan for today is zip wire, low ropes and orienteering this morning and then canoeing and kayaking on the lake this afternoon. After dinner tonight there will then be an evening nature walk. (Mrs Hall is hoping that all this fresh air will result in an early night for everyone!!)

Thursday 2nd November

After a fun session on the lake yesterday, Mrs Hall had to wake all the children this morning following a great nights sleep. The children are off on a hill walk today and then abseiling and fencing. Let's hope they all sleep as well tonight and we all look forward to seeing them back tomorrow. Just to remind you please collect your child at the bottom of the hill, leaving ample space for the coach to park. They are due back at 3:00pm but school will email/update the website if this changes.

Friday 3rd November

Another great nights sleep! Climbing, archery and survival are the activities this morning, then lunch and home.

The children will be arriving back for 4-4:15pm as long as there are no delays around Birmingham. I shall keep you updated if there are further delays.