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What our parents think

Our annual parent survey allows our parents to  share their views about the school and suggest ways to help us move forward. We appreciate the time parents take completing the survey and value the comments made. We had 62 responses and the results were overwhelmingly positive about the children's happiness, progress and the strengths of the school and its teachers. We thank parents for their comments and would like to share some of the things that were said.


"My child is happy at Roundwood School. He is receiving a good education and we are pleased we sent him to the school."


" My child has done well academically and I understand what she needs to do to move forward."


"The school is welcoming and provides a good all round education for my children."


" The staff are approachable and are willing to listen. My son has a good rapport with his teacher."


We welcome parents to the school at any time. if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to make an appointment with your child's class teacher  or email the school office -